How to Require a Featured Image for your posts in WordPress

If WordPress is new to you and you are not familiar with it then it becomes necessary to know how a featured image is required in WordPress for posts. A post without any featured image looks less-than-optimal or break the layout of your posts. This article will show you what is the role of featured images and how it is required for posts in WordPress So that you can enhance your post and simplify your editing life.

Role of Featured Images in Posts

By the way, it is very easy to add a featured image to online writer. However, if you forget the featured image in your post and publish it, then your layout will deteriorate which does not make the right impression.y the way it is very easy to add a featured image.

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By the way, it is very easy to add a featured image to WordPress. However, if you forget the featured image in your post, then your layout will deteriorate which does not make the right impression. For such situations, you can use a default image but this is not always true as each post in the right sense requires a different featured image that can extend it.

How to Require Featured Image on WordPress, the steps

  1. First thing you need to do log in to your WordPress dashboard and install and activate the “Require Featured Image” plugin.
  2. Click “Posts”>” Add New” from the left sidebar menu to create a new post, or open a draft that you’d like to set featured image for.
  3. Scroll to the bottom, you will find a box labeled with “Featured Image” to the right of your post editor.
  4. Click “Set Featured Image”.
  5. You can select from your media library or upload a particular new image for your post.
  6. Know to make sure your featured image thumbnail showing or not in that box.
  7. Cool, know to publish your post with a featured image.

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